About Us

“Dickinson Group LLC, management team has been the guiding light shining on the complicated and costly regulatory issues affecting the delivery of our health and pension plans. Through their expertise tireless efforts and ability to clearly communicate we have met all challenges and succeeded in continuing to provide the highest level of valuable benefits to our members. If we have said it once we have said it 100 times on behalf of me and the Board of Trustees, thank you!”

Daniel J. Gatto
On behalf of the Board of Trustees,  Local 854 Health and Pension Funds


At a time of much confusion and uncertainty in the construct of the delivery and payment for healthcare and pension benefits, visionary and inventive solutions are demanded. The mission of Dickinson Group L.L.C. is to provide our clients with informed, creative, and compliant responses as well as solutions to their Health and Pension benefit plans goals. In collaboration with our clients and their professional advisors collectively each day we meet the challenges of providing the most valuable and responsive benefits at industry best economics. Our goal is to simply “Demonstrate Higher Standards” in all we do, everyday!