Albert J. Alimena

Albert J. Alimena has over thirty (37) years of experience in the Health, Pension and Annuity Fund Administration including fifteen (15) years as the Funds Administrator of a large Multi-Employer Trust that included Health & Welfare, Pension and Annuity Fund management. Mr. Alimena directs the daily activities of the Fund Administrative Actuarial and Claim’s Administration staffs. Mr. Alimena’ expertise extends to selection of Fund professional advisors, software and systems, PPO network, PBM selection. He works closely with the Fund’s Auditors, Actuaries, Attorneys and Investment Advisory Professionals to achieve the goals of the Trustees. Prior to his ownership of Dickinson Group, L.L.C. Mr. Alimena held the position of Director of TPA Operations for a large regional Preferred Provider Organization.